Moving on

My new blog, its all about life after my car accident, responsible drinking and secrets to happiness

The Great Secrets

I was always the person that danced a lot. In fact I studied dancing growing up such as ballet, modern, tap, acrobatics and gymnastics. And then one day, I was in a car accident and broke my legs and other major bones. I had been drinking at a work dinner, I never thought for a minute that my life would be in danger, or that I wouldn’t get home.

I was in hospital for about 4 months, started off in an induced coma and then hi-care at the Johannesburg General Hospital. During the trauma admission to ER, they put titanium in both of my shattered femur to help them grow back together. It was very lucky of me to get the care that I did by prompt medical response to the scene of the accident and being admitted to the student education hospital. I was unable to move for some…

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About Andrea Steyn

This year finds me living in Cape Town where I am learning how to appreciate the gentle loving process of learning about myself.
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