The Great Moment: coffee in Sandton, The Big City

The Scatterings of Africa

What does it feel like to be a traveller in your own country?

Today I woke up in an awesome backpackers in Joberg, and decided I ‘need’ a real coffee. So off to the nearby Vida E cafe in Sandton, I arrived to be the first and only client. Awesome double latte and mozzarella bake surprise. With the endless Brazilian music playing, could I possibly be on holiday?


It is a cultural phenomenon to actually consider travelling in South Africa, as a South African. And after so many years of travelling throughout Europe, I have now decided, that Southern Africa is the ultimate playground. What more can you need when you have the beach on your doorstep. the city dazzle lights all week long, and the bush vibe. Grrrrrr…… ****happy emotion****

I find it insightful to be placed in such an awesome location as Sandton Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s really taking me to the ultimate level of, how to say, happiness!! I highly recommend getting loose of any heavy travel companions and just going completely wild in Joberg. This city has a phenomenal amount if inspirations for any artist, its kinda like getting drunk for the first time. I am smiling as I write this, and isn’t this what you want out of any moment in life, a chance to smile?

So in order to guarantee a smile on your dial, and a little tingle in your big toe, or even a twinkle in your eye, you will be guaranteed to find an adventure or a journey in Johannesburg.

About Andrea Steyn

Heritage & Cultural Tourism professional. Member of Kaizen enthusiast. Believer in change. An African girl living in Cape Town. Traveler. Couchsurfing host and group admin. Beach and sunset enthusiast.
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