BnB Interview: Chicane

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One of Ibiza’s biggest all-time DJs and BnB’s Andrea Steyn get up close and philosophical about all things life and music related…

Thousand Mile Stare – ALBUM PREVIEW by ChicaneMusic

His name is ranked in the top regions of producers who helped shaping the sound of Balearic-flavored house music, and his discography is among the most played in Ibiza over the last decade: we’re atalking about Nick Bracegirdle aka Chicane, known for evergreen Ibiza classics such as Saltwater, Offshore, Don’t Give Up and Love On The Run. After laying low for a while as the end of the 00s drew closer, Nick recently put out some new stuff including a new artist album last April called Thousand Mile Stare. Listening to the electronic compositions on the album will certainly take you to the stars and back again, and if not, then high up in the mountains.

BnB’s South African reporter Andrea Steyn took a slice out of the schedule of Nick for an update on his activities…

Please state your name for the record. Where are you based?
Nick from Chicane – based in Scotland, most of the time.

Music gives you a chance to unwind, and to find a place within yourself to reflect. I would like to know how it is, that you are able to put your thoughts in your mind, and transform them into music?
Music is a gift whether we’re able just to listen or to make it. As far as I’m concerned, I do not analyse it that much, things just come and happen.

Can you explain how you find yourself being a successful composer? Mozart and Bach all have historical stories behind them, Beethoven lost his eyes. Is there anything specific in your life that changed. You know, things were never the same, and you began your born given task of supplying the world with your music.
Sorry, no X-Factor sob story, actually the way you put it Mozart and the rest might have done quite well on that program – they certainly have the back story. Early in my life it was easier to communicate with music, or at least express feelings, words can get misinterpreted but music can’t I suppose.

There is a moment in a person’s life, that you hear the music of a band or a certain song, and things will never be the same. Any thoughts here in your personal life?
Well, I’ve said this before, I heard Jean-Michel Jarre on the radio and had not heard anything like it before and was hooked on electronic.

If there is one moment in your life, where music has helped someone close to you, can you remember that moment? And how do you think music speaks to people?
As music is subjective I don’t try and feel what others do when listening, I do what I do and if it helps others, as it sometimes helps me then great

If you had one hour to live, what would you choose to listen to for that final hour?
My daughter.

Spirit (Chicane Rework Mix) by ChicaneMusic

If you had one chance to make your wildest imagined moment come true, what adventure sport would you choose to do? Bunjee jump? White water rafting? Abseiling down the Victoria Falls? Flying over the Zambezi River?
I do too much flying for it to be in any way enjoyable… abseiling maybe.

If you visit a friend’s house for an afternoon ‘braai’, do you take with an emergency stash of music in your jacket?
No. I am not that controlling. Well, maybe……

You have surely made a giant success in your career, I mean, that goes without saying. Do you think your creative process has evolved by the help of others in your industry? How so?
No one does anything solely on their own, the past and the present play a part in everything we do. On this new record for me, the really exciting thing was working with Vigri and dealing with the mad but lovely Icelanders.

What book are you currently reading?
Been trying to read Keith Richard’s autobiography for months, just too busy.

UR Always by ChicaneMusic

What instruments do you play?
Keys and studio.

If you could wish a growing child the joy of one thing in life, would it be learning a musical instrument, being able to dance, or to have excellent musical appreciation?
Might be bloody corny but, freedom really!

Which physical sensory perceptions have evolved due to music, in your personal life?
My big toes vibrate.

Favourite climate: hot or cold?
Cold, love that snowboard!

Favourite country?
Gotta love the UK for its creativity!

Favourite festival ever experienced?
They are usually all good. But certainly in Australia, Sterosonic.

What country do you still want to learn about (hint hint, South Africa is waiting again!)
We were in SA for NYE this year – or last. I wanted to get to Robben Island but didn’t quite have the time on the list next time.

No Ordinary Morning by ChicaneMusic

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