Figu Ds: From Chile to Italy Linking Continents with Music

Hands up if you think that the country Chile burned a mark on the map of progressive music. From the country are artists like Luciano and Villalobos that have created an entire genre and taken it to the rest of the world. The euphoric label Cadenza is a success story we’ve all heard of. We know that sometimes there is more to music than what hits the ears. I caught up with DJ Figu Ds (Figu Ferrufino) who is proudly Chilean, living in Italy and the brains and front man behind the exceptional Entertainment United Network.

Figu Ds is currently a DJ/producer workaholic idealist following his dreams. Since 2001 playing festivals and clubs all over South America, travelling to many countries (Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil) he has seen the true underground culture from the forefathers Luciano/ Villalobos/Hernan Cattaneo, who back in the day used to be residents in their cities. He decided that the next logical step was to produce music, and also started the Entertainment United Network foundation wanting to change some paradigms and give people a way to really express what they want

Figu Ds has taken the time to try and get the true sound of Latin America, by taking a piece of each country visited and using “their own folk music and basically going deep into the traditional sounds and instruments”. The talented man reflects this in his work by combining it with using urban trends in the genres techno, minimal and tech house. His unique sound is a personally escorted tour around Latin America. He says that “The value of my roots and the reflection of that on Who or What I Am, is what I want express to the people and to the world through my music. I constantly try to show what I believe in”.

He is currently working on a documentary project ‘We Are Sudamerican Beat’ which will show the world how the movement in Chile started, picking the main actors of this currently global effect on labels like Cadenza and shows like the “Vagabundos” that these days are the most popular shows at all the major festivals. “Watching all this is stimulating, especially watching the friends and artists that I used to see when I was younger, it triggers this desire to build something different to all that we have seen so far: where labels, promoters and artists can really be in touch with people and make them the ones in charge to choose their favourites”.

He believes that music is a common language no matter which country, religion you come from, you will always enjoy music. From one country to another we can see a strong difference which makes each unique, and as a matter a fact he says that he really loves listening to this difference and integrating these sounds together. Right now there is a new revolution of creativity from the young emerging talents, with all the technological advances and the strong influence of this information era. Figu Ds believes that it’s easy to get inspired to create and reflect our selves. “The technology is there so it is all up to you to create and make something that remains in time and hearths. I’m always implementing new stuff in my DJ or Live sets trying to release all my emotions including what I am on each presentation”.

Figu Ds feels that the industry has many flaws, for example websites like DJ Mag or Beatport, that according to him have been corrupted by the traditional methods of the industry. Just go to and take a look on the top downloads and you will see the same label with more than four tracks there. According to him they are basically being impartial and not even the greatest anthems of the music world reach those ranks (The Beatles, the Doors, etc). “Either the websites are been corrupted by the labels, or the labels are buying their own music in order to be always on the top.”

“Let the people be the instruments to choose and support their favourite artist and give the promoters and event organizers a way to get in touch with the wave of new artists. Enough of all the same names and their ridiculous fees. When people hit fame they forget that the important thing is the people, the fans who will always follow them. We are here for us and they are the cause of it all, so we are here for each other at the end.”

Figu Ds is the brains and front man behind Entertainment United Network. The foundation has evolved with the hope to change traditional paradigms and also give people a way to really express what they want. “I decided that things should be different!” Currently at the start up of the organisation, it has taken a long time to find the right people to invite to be part of this EUN project, but now we are slowly moving it up a notch and currently have around 30 volunteers from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia and EEUU. It has taken a year to organise and define the objectives, mission, technology etc that will support the projects.

Linking continents and cultures in a peaceful way, the EUN Project is an organisation that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change within the entertainment world. One that works towards an innovative and sustainable way to work between all the expressions of art involved within entertainment. It outlines an alternative way to strive towards the classic methodologies of doing business, and find a way to express the artistic side. The foundations mission is to be different and creative, using an open and auto sustainable network solution.

There are two layers, firstly relating to the actual business side of the entertainment industry and the talent. The second is creating a community of the talented people (in photography, graphic design, writing, video and documentaries etc.) who want to promote their work. EUN will support important causes and people trying to reach their dreams that are often hard as an individual.

Figu Ds has a busy schedule “I think this year will be a constant rush for me. I’m currently focused on producing music and releasing these sounds to the people, so I’m really excited about that. I’m working in many projects involving music, events and even films and documentaries so you can expect a lot of stuff coming.  I would like to see that people enjoy this constant hard work and I’m very curious about how it will be received.”

Living in northern Italy in Trieste on the border of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, Figu Ds surely knows the world he should know a thing or two about the best music scene. “Brazil and their people will be at the top of my list. The energy and vitality of the people from there can’t be compared with any other place I’ve been so far. Certainly I am always looking for my next big experience which I think will be at kaZantip Festival, let’s hope it all goes well!”

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