Once in a decade, a new artist will create shockwaves and create a new language in music. Proudly Italian trio Esperanza release their self titled album on Gomma on the 5th December 2011. Esperanza consists of members Carlo Dall’Amico (also known as producer Cécile), bass player Matteo (from the discoband called Disco Drive) and Sergio (Indie-pop producer who has toured with the band Hot Gossip). They have united forces for the first time on this monumental musical production. They describe their music as having the ability to enable people to ‘interact deeply socially without the need to talk’. All three guys play different instruments and have been playing and producing music for years.

Esperanza are a combination of huge musical talent, fantasy, knowledge of musical history and great technical ability on this unique self titled debut album. Think Dussledorf electronics, mid 90’s Detroit techno, or even the distinct sound that the music of Air on ‘Virgin suicides’ we’ve never forgotten. The album entitled Esperanza has psychedelic vibes and is something left from the middle. The ‘Dead Can Dance’ type euphoric atmosphere continues in haunts of some of the tracks that should be played loud and live, and hopefully soon. Supported by artists like Laurent Garnier, Luke Solomon and James Holden, the album holds an intense presence.

  1. Where do you call home?

Home is where your grandma is.

  1. What do you call yourself professionally?

Student / Musician / Producer

  1. So how would you describe your sound

It’s world music

  1. What has been a big influence to drive you into the studio to do producing?

It’s all natural and it started so long ago and progressively stepped up that we couldn’t point out what drove us there in the first place.

  1. From what age can you say electronic music touched you?

18 / 23 / 32 (and he’s only 30!)

  1. In your life, everyone has a life defining band or song, that after listening to that track/band, your life is never the same, describe.

Daft Punk / Arthur Russell / Massimo Ranieri

  1. What’s playing in your car right now, or what do you listen to on a Sunday at home?

Last thing that came out the living room speakers yesterday night: Voodoo by D’Angelo. Recently we’ve been listening a lot to Rhythm & Sound and Laraaji.

  1. Your DJ career certainly took off rapidly can you remember your first performance? Have you been back there since?

We actually don’t have a DJ career together, Esperanza is a new project. Each of us have come from other projects which are different from each another.

  1. You have released this amazing new album, that’s immense talent. How on earth do you put an album together? How long does the whole production take?

Dai… dici a tutte così! Lenghty, a struggle to synthesize what was born as even lengthier jams between friends who shared a same vision

  1. What is unique about the productions, and your favourite track?

The overproduction is unique to the album. All our tracks have their own story, both concept-wise as on the making-of side. But it’s like your babies, you just can’t love one more. Sure the kid who gives us the most satisfaction as parents (good grades in school, no troublemaking, and nonetheless great midfielder in the local team) is Aliante Giallo.

  1. What label are you with? Can you describe them, and your unique relationship?

Our label is Gomma. Our relationship is definitely unique. We tend to be very picky about stuff, but at the same time we’re always late for deadlines. And then Mathias just writes a mail in pseudo-italian and we can’t help but think we love those guys.

  1. Family support?

Our album is on heavy rotation in our respective parents’ cars. But you know:

Ogni scarrafone è bell’ a mamm’ soja

  1. What does music do for the crowds that you have personally seen?

Lets them deeply interact socially without the need to talk. It creates a comfort zone, definitely some magic going on.

  1. What is a good opening track or closing track for a live performance? These always stick in my mind.

We only did live performances so far, and we have only one album worth of material, so currently we start our sets with the album intro (which is a sort statement) and end with the first single Jaipur for the final rush.

Thank-you for sharing!

Recommended: ‘Jaipur’ which is the second track release from the album it is deep, dark and driving.

Esperanza track listing

  1. Wasting our Time
  2. Sirena
  3. Aliante Giallo
  4. Hanamachi
  5. Fiore
  6. Jaipur
  7. Whale
  8. Ink
  9. Harp

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