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Ferry Corsten

Full on Ferry

So thrilled to see the release of the new compilation “Full On Ferry: Ibiza”, yet another release this year! So I had the pleasure of a few questions with the ferryman

  1. You have a very exciting new residency at the new club Sankeys. How did your first night go down?          It was a fun opening night. I had Michael Woods and Aly & Fila playing back to back with me in the main room.  We are already a couple of night underway, we had Sander van Doorn and Marco V also dropping by.
  2. Ibiza is surely pumping at the moment, how do you balance your time between the Balaeric Islands and your other gigs?                 We have rented a nice villa at the island. Last week I played there 3 nights and between Ibiza I fly  to a lot of other countries since it tends to be festival season. There are also a lot of clubs that are open only during the summer. Last week in between Ibiza I travelled to Romania and to Germany for Nature One
  3. What is your favourite secret beach location on the island?  Not many people know the vast amount of stunning beach locations and gorgeous scenery to explore in Ibiza. Salinas is the best beach if you’d ask me.
  4. How did the idea of the CD compilation culminate, and how long has the project taken to actualise?              We did it in a month. A lot of the artist that play at Full On Ferry are also on the CD.
  5. If you could name one favourite place that you’ve played at, which country/city would that be? Sometimes these can be the smallest events in the most interesting places.          Too many to mention…of the top of my head unique places are Argentina and Japan. Clubbers there are different from the world. It’s an experience to play there! Loads of fun!
  6. We have great festivals in the world these days such as Mysteryland (which I’ve been to three years in a row). Do you think that Holland has made its mark in the history of the greatest festivals of all time?            We have great festival that have been around for a long time. Festivals like Dance Valley, Mysteryland and Sensation. Sensation is a worldwide concept that travels the globe.
  7. I like to call it The Dutch Melting Pot of Talent. What do you feel contributes to the success of so many successful electronic music Dutch artists? What has been your motivation to get to where you are today?             I was just a freak for music. I always tried to make new music whenever I had the time. Then I produced “Out Of The Blue” under my System F alias and suddenly the train started running and never stopped.
  8. Surely going home to take part in Queens Day or even Sinterclaus day is special. How often do you find yourself sleeping in your own bed? What is your schedule like?               In the weekends I almost never sleep in my own bed. I am touring 90% of the weekends. I’m probably travelling and playing about 30% during the week. When I am at home, I am usually home on a Monday till Thursday. Not this summer due to my Full On Ferry Ibiza residency which is on Tuesdays. So busy time now.
  9. Can you think of one track/band/artist that changed your life growing up, that when you heard that track or album, your life has never been the same again (mine is ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ from The Orb)                 Vangelis.
  10. If you go to a friends house-party as a guest, do you normally take some backup music just in-case they need help?             No actually I don’t. I am just Ferry and not DJ Ferry Corsten when I am a at friend’s house party.
  11. What’s playing in your car right now, or what music do you listen to on a Sunday for example?                   Right now I am in the middle of producing my new artist album. So all tracks or demo’s I make, I listen to in my car. On a Sunday I am usually flying back from a gig
  12. What do your family say about your music? Like what does your mom or dad say about you?

They like what I do and they have always been very supportive luckily. Sometimes my mom and dad come and see me when I am playing in the Netherlands. I think they are proud of what I have achieved throughout the years.

  1. If you had to mention one moment in your musical career, that really made your heart shiver, what comes to mind?              Maybe it was the first time I heard that “Out Of The Blue” was played by the big names in the game those days. It really was my breakthrough.

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  1. Aly and Fila sure do get around all over the world!

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