Mason Symphonies


Symphonies of electronic musical notes shaped like hearts,

Float out of my speakers,

The sounds bounce around for joy like birthday balloons,

Be very careful, so might you.

In short Mason has created a new album that is packed from start to finish with great solid electronic music.

The latest album from Mason, released the first week of April 2011, is the greatest contribution to electronic music in years. Mason have created a genre of electronic music in their own league. The music of Mason will not be forgotten, and cannot escape the speakers of serious music lovers. Mason will be blasted from the radios of all new fans. The musical compositions from the album will remain in your mind and sensory perception senses bringing a smile to your entire body.

The Dutch duo Mason, have just released a new album called ‘They Are Among Us’ on the label Animal Language. The album features Roisin Murphy, Kurtis Blow, DMC, Sam Sparro, Aqualung & Sway. From the first track you will be inspired to write poetry like I was…

Dance floors from here onwards, will be shaken and stirred by the new Mason song remixes of their hit track ‘Bodicea’ feat. Roison Murphy on vocals (hit prediction). ‘Boadicea’ is the next single to be taken from Mason’s forthcoming debut album ‘They Are Among Us’.

Herewith a DJ Mix from Mason:


1. Mason – Little Angel (Kolombo remix)

2. Black Rose – Anthem

3. Dirty Vegas – Changes (Mike Monday remix)

4. Alex Dimou – Nina And The Band

5. The Beatrabauken – Twisted Wire (Bjorn Nafe remix)

6. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Houshold Goods (Justin Martin remix)

7. Worthy – Right Time (Tom Flynn remix)

8. Arveene & Misk – Mis Casa Su Casa

9. 1984 – Bangladesh

10. Mason – Boadicea feat. Roisin Murphy (Polydor remix)  (stukkie eruit)

11. Hatiras – Catz Play

12. Mason – Runaway (Hatiras remix)

13. Disco Of Doom – Alice Cooper (Mason’s School’s Out Rework)

14. Nelsen Grover – Awake (TWR72 remix)

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